Series 300 – Continuous Handle, Medium, and Large Cylinders

Welding Cylinder Trucks

Model: 330-33

*The 300 Series Are The Most Popular And Versatile Large Cylinder Trucks Harper Produces.* The Continuous Handle Gives The Truck Frame More Rigidity. *Excellent For Construction Jobs Or Large Shops. *High Floor Clearance When Moving Over Rough Surfaces Or Cluttered Areas. Angle Legs Remove Load From The Wheels When Truck Is Stationary. *Comes Equipped With A Bolt On Tool Box Which Makes Replacement Simple And Economical. *Holds Medium And Large Cylinders. *Comes With Cylinder Hold Chain Or Optional Belly Band. Designate ‘B’ In Part Number To Indicate Belly Band. See Model Number 316B-72. *A Fire Barrier Is A New Option For This Series Designated By ‘F’ In Part Number. See Model Number 324F-32. *A Large Bolt On Lock Top Tool Box Is Also Available By Designating ‘Lt’ In Part Number. See Model Number 316Ltb-72.

Technical Data

Wheel Type: 30′ X 2′ Steel, B.B.
Axle: 3/4′
Max Oxygen: 9 1/4′
Max Actel: 13 1/2′
Chain Height: 27′
Base Plate: 13′ x 24′
Height: 45 3/4′
Width: 33′
Product Class: W300
UPC Code: 0-53417-00827-5