Series 140 – Deluxe Uni-Handle, Small, Medium, and Large Cylinders

Welding Cylinder Trucks

Model: 141-70

*Deluxe Model Has Refinements And Features Such As Handle Bars With Hand Grips For Better Control And Stability When Moving The Loaded Unit.* Welded On Tool Box. *Hose Hooks And Welding Rod Holder Tubes Provide Greater Utility. *Handles Small, Medium And Large Cylinders.

Technical Data

Wheel Type: 8” X 1.75” Semi-Pneu., B.B.
Axle: 1/2”
Max Oxygen: 7 1/2”
Max Actel: 9”
Chain Height: 22 3/4”
Base Plate: 8” x 17”
Height: 45 1/2”
Width: 21 1/2”
Product Class: W140
UPC Code: 0-53417-00808-4