Harper Trucks Model: WD2448P6

Hardwood Deck

Platform Trucks

Model: WD2448P6

*Constructed Of 5/4 Kiln Dried Oak. *Deck Size Is 24″ X 48″. *All Bolts Are Counter Sunk To Prevent Damage To Load. *Available With Standard Tubular Bent Back Handle Or Optional Slatted Handle. *Type Of Running Gear Is Standard (Non-Tilt) In 6″ Or 8″ Poly Or 8″ Pneumatic. *Larger Deck Sizes Available: 27″ X 54″ 30″ X 60″ Or 36″ X 72″.

Technical Data

Caster Type: 6
Base Plate: 24
Height: 42
Width: 24
Product Class: I995
Frame Cap: 3000 LBS.
UPC Code: 0-53417-01921-9