Series 830 – Front & Back Load Tandem

Welding Cylinder Trucks

Model: 830-86

*The 830 Series Is A New Narrow Design To Accommodate A Large 300 Cu. Ft. Oxygen Cylinder Up To 10 1/2” In Diameter In The Back And A Large Acetylene Cylinder Up To 12 1/2” In Diameter In The Front. *Base Plate Dimensions Are 8” X 12” In The Front And 11” X 11” In The Rear. *This Narrow Design Allows For Better Maneuverability In Narrow Aisles Where A Normal Side-By-Side Cylinder Truck Cannot Go. *This Model Features A Large Continuous Handle Which Provides For Greater Stability And Safety. *Welding Rods Can Be Secured Inside The Cylinder Brackets. *Comes Standard With Two Cylinder Hold Chains And Hose Reeling Hooks. *So-2 Bolt On Tool Box Is Available As An Option.

Technical Data

Wheel Type: 10” X 2” Solid Rubber, B.B.
Axle: 5/8”
Max Oxygen: 10 1/2”
Max Actel: 12 1/2”
Chain Height: 19” & 34”
Base Plate: 8” x 12” & 11” x 11”
Height: 49”
Width: 20”
Product Class: W800
UPC Code: 0-53417-03107-5