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Series 100 - Uni-Handle, Small to Medium Cylinders

Welding Cylinder Trucks

Model: 108-70

*Stong And Compact In Design; Having Excellent Balance And Rollability.* Recommended For Small Shops And Garages Having Hard Surface Floors. *Equipped With Cylinder Hold Chain And Hose Supports. *Concealed Angle Legs Prevent Load From Resting On Wheels When Truck Is Stationary. *Handles Small To Medium Cylinders.

Technical Data

Wheel Type: 8'' X 1.75'' Semi-Pneu., B.B.
Axle: 1/2''
Max Oxygen: 7 1/2''
Max Actel: 9 1/4''
Chain Height: 22 3/4''
Base Plate: 8'' x 1.75''
Height: 45''
Width: 21 1/2''
Product Class: W100
UPC Code: 0-53417-00804-6